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Bizarre food reviews from a 5 year old kid and his dad





The Show

Apparently Tasty is a YouTube show that features bizarre, unusual, and sometimes exotic food. It was created by Andy Walker and is co-hosted with his 5 year old son Carter.  The curious duo explore the world of food from their home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with the help of Kay Walker, Carter’s mom and Andy’s wife.  


The Food

See some of weird food we have featured and reviewed on Apparently Tasty
Charcoal ramen
Charcoal Ramen

Charcoal Ramen was an early episode that took off. People are crazy for ramen so charcoal ramen made for crazy clickbait on Youtube.

Dodol Durian Mama
Dodol Durian Mama

Dodol Durian Mama was feature in Episode X. It is a sweet and sticky toffee like dessert flavored with durian, the king of all fruits.

Sea asparagus
Sea Asparagus

We picked up some sea asparagus during Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur. It turns out it is not a sea vegetable, but a sea critter called a razor clam.

Edible Bugs

We picked up some flavored edible crickets to feature on an upcoming episode. We also ordered ants (tastes like lemon!) and a scorpion lollipop. Yum. Stay tuned!

Recent Episodes


The Apparently Tasty team.

The family that produces the show.
Carter Walker

Host, Chief Food Critic

Andy Walker

Dad, Host, Producer

Kay Walker
Kay Walker

Mom, Fruit Correspondent

Cats of Apparently Tasty
Fergie and Gigi

The Cats of Apparently Tasty


Food by category

We understand your requirements and let you customize Neve however you wish:


Dessert, sweets & Candy

The bizarre candy, sweets and desserts we review on Apparently Tasty will delight your sweet tooth. One of our most popular food categories.

Desserts Sweets and Candy

Spicy Foods

We explore lots of strange and wonderful spicy foods on the show. It is what Carter calls “fire in the mouth” food. Andy calls it delicious. We disagree on all things spicy, usually.

Sambal Ikan Bilis Paste

Fish & seafood

If it swims in the water or crawls on the beach then chances are we have tasted it on the show, in some form. This category of odd fish flavors should tickle your desire to see food and then eat it. 


Edible Insects

We find and taste edible bugs including ants, scorpions and crickets. Yum! Kung Pao Crickets anyone? Yes please!

Edible crickets


What our fans say about Apparently Tasty and our weird food reviews

Comments from our viewers coming soon!


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Fun articles on food that we find for the show that may not make it to an episode. Plus thought of weird foods, how we make the show and other food articles that think is worth sharing.

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